About me

Skills and competencies

In addition to my teaching, I am also an experienced bridge engineer with 11 years in consulting engineering and research. Whilst in Canada I worked as a consultant for an engineering company in the UK.

My experience in teaching, research and engineering has given me strong analytical, time management, organisational, communication and teamwork skills. My interpersonal and communication skills have been developed by my teaching experience

Experience record, Teacher and Tutor

2006-2007  Teacher, Korean International School, Hong Kong

I was the English speaking teacher in the Korean Section of the Korean International School, responsible for co-ordinating and teaching English for the Grade 6 classes. The lessons were conducted following the British National Curriculum.

In addition, I was the science teacher for Grades 6, 10 and 11.

2003 - Present  Private tutor, Hong Kong

I teach English, mathematics and sciences to students of different ages, from kindergarten to adult. I am experienced in teaching phonics, I hold conversation classes, and I also teach business English to adults. I coach for school and university entrance exams and interviews and I copyedit and proofread technical, academic and commercial documents.

I encourage students to take more proactive approach to English learning, with an emphasis on building confidence in spoken English. This is achieved through role-playing, group or individual discussion on current affairs or topics of general interest, and, where necessary for particularly reticent pupils, individual reading sessions. Other subjects are all taught in English to provide maximum exposure to the language.

I have been successful in providing a more analytical approach to learning for advanced pupils, with more weight on problem solving and individual thinking than traditional rote learning.

2002-2003  TEFL/TOEFL teacher, Victoria, BC, Canada

Taught TEFL and TOEFL part-time at Royal Victoria College to students from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Also tutored Grade 11 mathematics.

1999-2000 English medium teacher, Hong Kong

Taught English, mathematics, physics, history, geography and music as required to a wide range of ages and English language abilities. Also responsible for coaching for visa application and school entrance interviews. 

Experience record, Engineer

1998-1999, 2001 - 2003    Babtie Group, Bedford, England

Multi-national multi-disciplinary consulting engineer with 3000 staff worldwide.

1998-date Consultant

Responsible for inspection and assessment of structures for a number of bridge owning organisations. Schemes included inspection and assessment of a variety of bridges and structures, many over 100 years old. Assessments to calculate bridge weight limit restrictions.

1991-1998    Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), Crowthorne, England

Internationally recognised research organisation working in all fields of road transport.

1994-1998 Project Manager, Civil Engineering Resource Centre

1991-1994 Researcher, Bridges

Responsible for planning, supervising, analysing and reporting of research programmes within the Bridge Engineering Resource Centre.                            
Health and Safety Officer.

Technical training of graduate recruits.

Proofreading of technical documents and reports.

Interests and additional information

I have no criminal convictions in the UK or abroad.

I am a car owner in the UK, Canada and Hong Kong and have possessed a clean driving licence since 1987.

I play the violin to a good standard, and have been a member of local orchestras in the UK.

I have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

I play cricket and football (soccer) and have been a member of a number of local and work teams in both sports.

I enjoy golf, skiing and snowboarding to a modest standard, and take pleasure in outdoor pursuits generally.

Education/professional achievements:

2013  Certificate in Copyediting, University of California, San Diego

2002  TEFL qualification, UK

1988-1991  BEng with 2:1 Honours in Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

1982-1988  4 ‘A’ levels and 13 ‘O’ levels, Lord Grey School, UK