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All rates are based on 1 hour lessons once weekly based in the student's home or place of work, and are in HK$. Rates for longer lessons or for more than one lesson per week are negotiable. Travelling expenses may be incurred for long journeys.

Number of students  Primary or pre-primary   Secondary             Adult                   
3 or more325375375

Rates for remote marking, in HK$. Rates for remote marking of other subjects are negotiable.

  Per 100 words                          + audio commentary per 100 words (cassette price not included)
Primary  3025
Secondary         4040


  • Minimum of one lesson per week, irrespective of lesson length.
  • Payment to be made one month in advance, for 4 or 5 weeks' lessons as appropriate.
  • Payment can be made in cash or by personal cheque.
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for lesson cancellation. Failure to give such notice will result in forfeiture of lesson.
  • Rescheduling is permitted in exceptional circumstances, subject to availability. At least 24 hours notice is required. Regular rescheduling is not permitted.
  • No lessons will take place during a Black Rain Storm Warning Signal or a Typhoon 8, 9 or 10 Warning Signal. These lessons will be rescheduled.

Remote marking:

  • Documents to be submitted by post, fax or email. Amended documents returned either by fax or scanned and emailed, as required. They will not be posted. In addition, documents can be collected subsequent to a lesson. These documents can either be returned as above or at the beginning of the next lesson. In this case, remote marking will not take the place of a lesson.
  • Payment will be calculated and agreed prior to remote marking. It is the responsibility of the student to calculate the word count.