About me

As an experienced private tutor, copyeditor, and proofreader, both in Hong Kong and in Canada, I have worked with a wide range of ages and abilities, and taught a number of subjects. I tutor Mathematics, Science, phonics, conversation and business English to all age groups, and am also available for coaching for visa application and school entrance interviews. I am available for copyediting and proofreading of technical and academic papers and documents, and commercial brochures, press releases and advertisements. I am currently teaching or have taught students from the following schools:

Canadian International School
Hong Kong International School
American International School
Diocesan Girls' School
Diocesan Boys' School
Diocesan Preparatory School
Good Hope School (Primary Section)     
West Island School (ESF)
South Island School (ESF)
Shatin Junior School (ESF) 
Bradbury School (ESF)
GT (Ellen Yeung) College
Raimondi College (Primary Section)  
St Catherine's International Kindergarten
La Salle College (Primary and Secondary Sections)     
King George V School (ESF)  
French International School
Korean International School      
Australian International School
ISF Academy
Maryknoll Convent School
Jockey Club Ti-I College    
Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section)
St Francis of Assisi's English Primary School   
St Joseph's Primary School      
Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School
Kentville Kindergarten
Creative Kindergarten
Anfield International Kindergarten

In addition, I have helped students with entry examinations for the following schools, and continue to assist a number of students from these schools during school holidays:

Eton College
Harrow School
Wycombe Abbey
Cheltenham Ladies' College
Cushing Academy, USA

I am also available for short-term home schooling for students visiting Hong Kong or who are awaiting a school place.

TeachingFor advanced students, I have been successful in providing a more analytical approach to learning, with more emphasis on problem solving and individual thinking than traditional rote learning.

Personal History

I was born in Reading, England. My parents were both English teachers so, while I ultimately chose to pursue mathematics and sciences in my later school years, and engineering at university, I have a background that includes a thorough education in English and languages. On graduating from university, I worked for 7 years as a civil engineer before taking some time to travel the world. During these travels, I settled in Hong Kong, working as a private tutor. I left to travel further and spent two years on the West coast of Canada, moving back to Hong Kong in the summer of 2003.

Further details are given on my About Me page